Missio: Bob Commin


I am fishing in the waters of a vast lake
We came off the Emmaus road to breakfast here
We have toiled long but there has been nothing to show

I am always tempted to return to places I have been
To stand among the ruins where creeds stood tall
To say, ‘Yes, this is it. Here I was happiest after all.’

To fish in the same sea the fish I know
But even the fish seem to say, ‘No, go!’
But being sent is not where my truth is either.

We all live in the lake where cultures have been drowned.
But I know that I can never live backwards again
I am not the same person, for the fireflies danced for me.

The lake is alive with activity and images break the surface,
Leaping into the air. Fins in shoals are scraping my skin
And diaphanous jellyfish are coming into sight.